About Us

Professional Staff

Technicians with professional skills using latest products, techniques and equipment to ensure maximum service and speedy results. Holland Home Service’s staff remains loyal and dedicated to their work for the highest customer experience. Not only do customers insist on repeat services year after year, but management maintains high standards and respect for their staff which allows a friendly work environment and a higher industry standard.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction comes from a dedicated staff and experienced technicians. Start to finish, Holland Home Services has a dedication for their customers to provide the highest quality services that will put your mind at ease for years to come.

The Results

Dedicated management ensures friendly staff and work environment, highly specialized technicians ensures quality workmanship, latest equipment and products ensures peace of mind and customer satisfaction. Whether its gutter cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, or roof inspections and repairs, Holland Home Services can help you protect, enjoy and maintain a clean and healthy home that your family deserves! You can depend on Holland Home Services for quality services and customer satisfaction. Holland Home Services has remained true to their origin, which has allowed many years of services to a loyal customer base, with outstanding results and professional services. When it comes to service and customer satisfaction you can count on Holland Home Services!