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Window Cleaning

Most windows are cleaned by hand, difficult or hard to reach windows will be cleaned with a tucker-pole (brush and pole). We clean windows, skylights, glass patio covers and balcony railing glass on both sides if you like.

We can customize your window cleaning services. We automatically come out to your pre-selected frequency request and send you a reminder letter at the beginning of the month when your cleaning is due.

Depending on the type of window cleaning, different equipment is used. The most common tool is a squeegee and cloths like microfiber.

However rubbing a pane of glass with a cloth can result in “stroke” marks that are visible in sunlight due to the residue left behind.

Squeegees run the majority of the water off the window and leave a small amount behind which evaporates quickly. Using a squeegee for interior window cleaning may be undesirable for the excess water it gets on the sill if the mop was too wet.

Gutter Cleaning

Our services include: Leaves and Debris cleaned from your gutters, downpipes checked and cleared. All debris bagged and removed from your premises. We also do gutter repairs and installations.

Most often gutters do not need to be replaced or repaired, but with newer technology and advanced products, you may want to take advantage and get the most out of not having heavy rains, leaves and other debris that may create a stress on your gutters and lead to a continuous overflow or restriction.

If your gutters need to repaired or replaced, depend on Holland Home Services to provide the proper replacement or repair to insure longevity and peace of mind.