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A roof with a collection of moss that needs to be removed.

Moss and Algae Removal + Treatment

Moss thrives in damp, shaded locations. It’s usually found on the north slopes of roofs and roofs shaded by trees. You can control moss by trimming tree branches back, scraping away as much visible moss as possible, and inhibiting growth with our de-moss spray.

Buildup of moss on roofs erodes the surface, lifts shingles, and absorbs moisture, promoting decay and leakage. Our moss removal spray quickly kills the current growth as well as any new spores from moss, algae, lichen, and more. It can be sprayed on wood shakes, shingles, tile, and any surface that promotes growth.

Our de-moss application can control moss growth for years (depending on location, shading, tree growth, and other factors), often requiring reapplication every 3 to 5 years. Our team of professionals remove the excess growth by hand and then spray the roof with a liquified zinc sulphate solution.

Our procedure is safe for ALL roof types.

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